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Top Reasons to Invest in Professional Wood Floor Refinishing for Your Queens County Home

When it comes to wood refinishing services in Queens County, there’s one company that beats all the rest: DeGamba Stripping. Established in 1976, we’ve successfully refinished the wood floors of countless property owners throughout the Whitestone, NY area. In the more than 40 years that we have been in business, we’ve established ourselves as a leading floor refinishing company. The level of care and attention to detail we invest in each project we work on has allowed is helped us become one of the most highly regarded hardwood floor refinishing companies in the area. If you live in Queens County and you’re looking for wood floor refinishing near me, you can have complete confidence in the results you’ll receive from DeGamba Stripping.

Hardwood is one of the most beautiful and durable flooring materials available. It’s because of its versatility, timelessness, ease of maintenance, and ability to withstand the test of time that hardwood flooring is as popular today as it was when it first started being used hundreds of years ago.

Though hardwood is certainly durable, it’s subject to wear and tear. Constant exposure to foot traffic, moving furnishings, drops, and spills can affect the finish, damage the surface, and detract from the beauty of your floors. If you’ve noticed scuff marks and scratches on your hardwood floors or if the finish is lackluster, you may be thinking about replacing them or covering them up. Don’t! Instead, invest in hardwood floor restoration.

Wood floor refinishing refers to the process of restoring hardwood floors. It involves sanding hardwood floors, buffing out any damages, and applying a new coat of finish. Why should you invest in refinishing your hardwoods instead of covering or replacing them? Here’s a look at some of the top reasons why you should consider having your floors refinished by a reputable Queens County floor refinishing company.

Restored Beauty

An experienced hardwood floor refinisher will be able to breathe new life into your hardwood floors. A professional will have the tools and knowledge that’s necessary to remove the dents, dings, and scratches that are marring the appearance of your hardwood floors. They’ll also expertly apply a fresh coat of finish, leaving your floors looking as beautiful as the day they were installed.

Increased Value

Hardwood floors are one of the most sought-after features among prospective Whitestone, NY homebuyers, so if you’re thinking about selling in the future and you already have hardwoods, you’re in luck. However, if your existing floors are damaged or dull, they might not offer as much value, but if you refinish them, you can see a big increase in the resale price of your home. According to real estate experts, hardwood floors not only boost property value, but homes that feature hardwoods are easier to sell, and they sell a lot faster – especially if they’re in excellent condition. With that said, if you’re thinking about putting your house in the market, refinishing your hardwood floors is a wise choice.

Improved Safety

Depending on the current state of your hardwood flooring, it could pose certain dangers. For example, if it’s splintering, feet could sustain puncture wounds, or if it’s buckling or warped, someone could trip over the uneven boards. By having your hardwood floors repaired and refinished, damages will be corrected and any possible safety risks will be eliminated before they can cause serious problems.

Keeps Pests at Bay

If your hardwood floors are damaged, you might as well put a welcome mat out for pests. Termites, carpenter ants, powder post beetles, and other wood-boring pests love to burrow into cracks, crevices, and decay in wood floors, so if you’re flooring is damaged, you’re sending an open invitation to these pets. Once they make their way inside, they’ll cause further damage to your floors; not to mention the damage they can inflict on the rest of your Whitestone home! Repairing and refinishing your hardwood floors can help to ward off invasive pests.

Costs Savings

Refinishing dull or damaged hardwood floors costs a lot less than replacing them. Refinishing can also be more cost-effective than covering them with carpeting. Plus, having your hardwoods stripped, sanded, and refinished will help prevent damage that could necessitate costly repairs.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing by DeGamba Stripping

To take advantage of all of the benefits that restoring your hardwood floors provides, contact the floor refinishing company that Queens County trusts most: DeGamba Stripping. For more than 40 years, their team of experts have been repairing and revitalizing all types of hardwood flooring. Whether your current floors are damaged, their finish is worn, or you want to bring wood flooring that’s been hidden under carpeting back to life, contact the team at DeGamba Stripping.

Our highly trained and experienced technicians have mastered the art of hardwood floor refinishing. We use proven techniques and the highest quality tools and equipment to deliver exceptional results. No matter what state your current floors are in, you can count on our crew to make them look as good as new!

If you live in Whitestone, NY and you’re interested in learning more about hardwood floor restorations from the top floor refinishing company in the area, reach out to us today. Dial 917-977-1767 to receive a free estimate. At DeGamba Stripping, we make hardwood floor refinishing easy! We look forward to working with you and making your floors beautiful again.


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