NYC Wood Stripping & Refinishing Services

Throughout New York City, Park Slope, Williamsburg, Cobble Hill, Red Hook, DUMBO, RAMBO and all of the greater Brooklyn area

Stripping & Refinishing Services

As well as the five boroughs of New York City, we have been well known for our superb stripping and refinishing services.

Our specialty includes the stripping and refinishing of not only woods and metals, but marble and brick too. Our attention to detail and the care that we put into each and every job, no matter how big or small, has made us the premier NYC wood stripping and refinishing service in the area since 1976.

Interior Wood Or Metal Stripping

Our NYC wood stripping and refinishing services do not just end at the outside of a building. We also specialize in restoring interior doors, moldings, columns, mantels, balusters, wainscot, and windows back to their original glory as well. Let’s face it, there once was a certain style of craftsmanship that is evident in most of the homes and brownstones we work on today that simply doesn’t exist in today’s era. Our NYC wood stripping and refinishing services bring back that bygone era and make old and worn down homes beautiful again.

Our refinishing services are not only limited to built-in pieces in the home. We can also pick up most furniture pieces that need refinishing and deliver them back when we are done. If you have an older piece of furniture that has seen better days, you should consider refinishing it and having it restored to the condition that it once was.

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Exterior Wood and Metal Stripping

Many of the exterior architectural components of the beautiful brownstone buildings found throughout Brooklyn and New York have been around for over a hundred years. Their beauty and craftsmanship are unparalleled and most homeowners are choosing to restore them to their original beauty in lieu of replacing them with modern elements made of modern composites and they call on our NYC wood stripping and refinishing service to do it. There just is no replacement for the real thing and the richness that a perfectly restored piece brings to any home or business is second to none.

Although the real estate market in the Metro New York area has risen sharply over the past few decades, there are still many gems in the area that can be restored back to their original glory by the right people. Restoring original doors, shutters, railings and windows at any location will bring incomparable value to the building and is something that our NYC wood stripping and refinishing service has been doing for almost four decades. How many people can say that their front door is over one hundred years old yet looks and functions as good as the day it was first installed? Many of our customers can say just that!

Many companies can strip paint from wood, sand it down and re-paint it, but our company takes care to use solvents that won’t raise the wood grain as much as some harsher solvents that other companies may use. This means that there is less sanding of the wood and ultimately less damage to the original structure itself. We also use special solvents to remove years of paint and wear from brick and metal as well as specialized restorative services for original marble too.

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