NYC Lead Paint Removal

Any building or home built before the 1970s usually contains some form of lead paint and will require lead paint removal in NYC.

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The use of lead paint has been banished for decades, but homes containing lead paint still exist today. Lead paint is characterized by the way that it chips, flakes and crumbles and can be hazardous to adults, children and house pets. Children and animals may tend to gnaw on railings, window sills and other painted pieces found in the home or try to eat paint chips that have broken off of a structure. Lead poisoning is a very serious issue which can cause permanent brain damage or death.

We are the foremost authority when it comes to lead paint removal NYC. Our experienced team is well versed in all forms of lead paint removal and we will take every precaution to ensure the safety of your family and pets. We begin by assessing the areas which may contain lead paint. If the home was built before 1970, that assessment will usually include the entire home. If we do find evidence of lead paint, we remove it using methods that reduce the amounts of lead particles in the air and surroundings. Our goal is to remove the lead while creating as little dust as possible.


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Our lead paint removal NYC team accomplishes this by working room-by-room and sealing off any exits or openings including vents and baseboards to reduce the amount of dust which could end up in other places of the home. We also remove whatever furniture we can and whatever cannot be moved is covered with two layers of thick plastic to protect it. Our team of lead paint removal NYC individuals take every precaution to protect themselves and your home and family from any possible ingestion or inhalation of lead dust.

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When our lead paint removal NYC team has completed their task, our expert painting and refinishing crew can then begin to restore your home to its original beauty. Although many homes can still be inhabited while lead paint abatement services are being rendered, and we take every precaution to seal off the areas that we are working in, most experts will suggest that pregnant women and small children remove themselves from the premises, until the cleanup is complete, to avoid any possible inhalation of lead paint dust or exposure to paint chips. We also suggest that any bedding, carpeting, drapes and other textiles that you may have had prior to the lead paint abatement be professionally cleaned before being brought back in to the home, even if they were removed from the premises before the cleanup began. If you believe that your home may contain lead paint, don’t wait until it is too late. Our professional lead paint abatement services will take care of the problem so that you and your family can once again enjoy the home that you have worked so hard for.

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