NYC Interior Remodeling

The interior of your home should be the first place you go to for peace, relaxation and comfort.

Your home should be a reflection of who you are and include elements that you have customized for yourself and your family.

We are experts in interior remodeling NYC, and have been the company that more clients trust for almost four decades.

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Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom used to be the one room in the home that served a purpose and that was mainly it. There was never much thought given to bathroom remodeling NYC until recently when homeowners began to create bathrooms that were a relaxing area in the home to get away and soak in a nice bath after a long day at work or watching the kids. Whereas older bathrooms were small rooms designed for a single purpose, the bathrooms of today are large open spaces and their design and fixtures rival some of the most beautiful rooms in the home.

Our bathroom remodeling NYC services begin by speaking with the homeowner about their wants and needs from their bathroom. We start by assessing the location of the bathroom. We determine where all of the plumbing and fixtures are and review the area for water damage or mold. We then decide how to make the desires of the homeowner a reality and begin work. We work within your budget to give you the bathroom that you want.

Kitchen Remodeling

By far, the most used room in any home is usually the kitchen. The kitchen is a room where memories are created. Think of where you blew out your birthday candles as a kid… It was in the kitchen, right? Think about most of your family pictures… Usually gathered around the kitchen table enjoying a delicious meal together. These memories were created for you and should be created for your family as well. Our kitchen remodeling NYC services are second to none.
Our initial consultation consists of us finding out exactly what the homeowner wants to do with the space. Maybe you love to cook and want high-end appliances, or maybe you love to collect antique dishes and need extra storage space- Whatever you might need, our kitchen remodeling NYC experts are the ones to call to get the job done right. We will work to use your budget to give you the kitchen of your dreams.

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Basement Remodeling

Unfortunately, in most homes, the basement is simply unused spaced. Some homeowners throw a treadmill down there next to the washer and dryer or use it to store holiday decorations but never really take the time to finish their basement so that it’s a useful addition to their home. The basement doesn’t just have to be a dirty space that you only go down to when you need to. Your basement can easily become an integral part of your home and a valuable portion of usable square footage.

Basements can be finished to become whatever you’d like for them to be. A finished basement can become a weightlifting/workout gym, a playroom for your children, extra storage for all of your important items, an office, a theater room or even an ever-popular man cave or mom cave! Whatever your intention for your basement, you should call the interior remodeling NYC experts to turn your unused space into a functional living area for you and your family.

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